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  • September 07, 2018

Does any of this sound familiar? “Oh, did you hear that your cousin in going to have her first baby!”, “We’re pregnant and want to have a reveal party!”, “You know that grandma and grandpa are celebrating 50 years of marriage, we should have an open house for them”, then they say “you should host, you have the biggest house for it”

Being able to host a special event is wonderful and all, but it also means a lot more preparing and clean up, so why line your street with cars, possibly upsetting the neighbours, let us host that special occasion. We do the room set up, you decorate the room to your taste, you celebrate, and we clean up the party after you leave. We can even look after ordering the catering for you, or bring in some traditional family dishes.

With daily rentals for one low cost, the decision is easy. Recently renovated with accommodations up to 60 people in banquet setting, give us a call today or fill in the RFP form online at

(The renovation is so new the only picture we have of the Rose Room is this one, in theatre setting. )


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